This depends on the property and the pets. Small domestic pets like cats and dogs are accepted in some properties whilst exotic pets are generally unacceptable.
Our normal contract period is for one year with an option to extend.
A deposit of two months rent is normally required on all rentals. The deposit is returned to the tenant on successful completion of the rental period without any damages.
Maintenance of all facilities and equipment that is caused by fair wear and tear is covered as part of the rental cost and will be remedied in the shortest possible time by one of our experienced handymen.
Different tenants have different cleaning requirements and as such cleaning is never included in the rental cost.
Lighting and cleaning of common areas are covered as part of the rental cost so delivered at no additional charge.
These utilities are not included as different tenants have different requirements. Installations of these services can be arranged by prior agreement.
For anything you may need you can reach our offices on + 356 2264 1507/1603 from 08:00 Hours to 19:00 Hours. After these hours and on weekends you can call our emergency number +356 79989889 / 79989887